Why I Got My Tubes Removed

As of 1/18/19, I’m officially fixed……

My friends and family had mixed feelings about it. But I don’t know anyone other than Kim Kardashian who had as many complications that I did both pregnancies and deliveries than myself. Needless to say, I made it through.

So…leading up to the surgery day I completed a lot of google searches to see what the recovery process entailed…. Not many things out there.

We will fix that now wont we?

Pre-plan- If you have children like I do, make arrangements for any child that isn’t old enough to care for themselves for a few days. My son is 11 (almost 12), daughter is 2 (she had to GO).

Grocery Shopping List-soups, pot pies, ginger ale, saltines, microwaveable dinners, pre-packaged food (comes in handy for a 11 -year old care taker)

Surgery day: Got there at 8:15am was out at 11:45 am-You cant leave until you pee….Procedure is 1 hour. I dressed myself and was coherent enough to get in the car myself. You’ll leave with pain meds (really didn’t need them). I slept all day. Discontinued my birth control pills per doctor’s order.

Day 2: Walk in a park…no pain that Ibuprofen couldn’t fix. You can resume light activities like driving (as long as your not taking pain meds).

Day 3: Laid in bed all day, watching tv. Pain was a 3.

Day 4: Got a terrible snow storm, stayed in. Pain a 3.

Day 5: Left house, drove to pick up my daughter. Period Began (UGHH). Heavier than normal.

Day 6: Here sharing my story with you!

So why did I do it? easy answer duhhh….I don’t want anymore kids and the risks of ovarian cancer decreases significantly. I hope you got all the answers you were looking for like I was .

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